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Success Stories

Florida Woman Awarded Full Buy-Back

April 20 , 2009 - A Florida woman experienced severe noises, lack of power, and shifting problems in her Saturn Ion. While driving, she would have to shift into a higher gear than necessary to bring down the RPMs.

After a mandatory arbitration hearing, GM was only willing to settle the case for $500. After taking the case to trial, the jury awarded her a full buy-back, and attorney's fees.

Dodge Owner Awarded Full Buy-Back From Jury

April 7, 2009 - A Dodge owner experienced slippage in his transmission when putting the vehicle into reverse. After numerous repair attempts, the dealership could not fix the defect.

After a trial in which the dealership admitted to not fully testing the transmission, the client was awarded $47,000 for his vehicle.

Six Figure Lemon Law Victory in California

March 13, 2009 - A recent victory in California has gone down in history as one of the states biggest. A plaintiff won a $525,000 suit against Saleen Auto Manufacturing, a producer of top performing vehicles.

The Saleen vehicle experienced many issues, and could not be driven due to design flaws.

Couple Awarded Full $33,000 Buy Back

February 23, 2009 - Client experienced "knocking" noise in engine and had it in for repair 6 unsuccessful times. The case went to trial where upon hearing expert testimony describing the engine as being defective, the judge awarded over $50,000 to the plaintiff and law firm.

Jury Awards Full Buyback to Mitsubishi Owner

January 21 , 2009 - A Mitsubishi owner had their vehicle's transmission repaired twice and upon the third transmission failure was refused service. In fact, the dealership told the client that the problems with the transmission were normal, and that they would have to "live with it."

At trial, attorneys presented documents proving that there was indeed a problem and Mitsubishi was aware of such problems. The Jury awarded the client a full buyback and $20,000 in attorneys fees.

Client Awarded $47,000 in Lemon Law Claim

November 1, 2008 - A Dodge owner experienced multiple occurrences of slipping when shifting into reverse in his vehicle. After numerous attempts the dealership could not repair the vehicle properly.

A full refund of $47,000 was awarded to the client when attorneys presented the case in court.


* Cases are provided as examples as reported in the news and are not necessarily handled by Kahn & Associates, L.L.C. or intended to create any expectation of future results.

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