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In 1996, Attorney Craig Kahn set out to provide help to consumers, regardless of ethnicity or income, who had purchased defective vehicles or who were being taken advantage of by auto dealers and to provide them with representation and equal access to the civil justice system. 

To help pursue this mission, Craig embraced the concept of using advertising to educate the public about their legal options. During this time, Craig was a pioneer of internet marketing when it was dominated by a company called Goto, a predecessor to Overture, Yahoo and Google.  Following his lead, an entire generation of attorneys began to discover how internet marketing could grow their businesses and expand access to individuals—yet many lacked the expertise to utilize this medium effectively. Out of this need, a new idea was born. 

Today, Kahn & Associates, LLC is both a consumer law firm with its own full-time attorneys, as well as a growing case-generation resource, strategically matching clients with experienced and successful law firms that are equipped to meet their specific set of needs.  Kahn & Associates is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, with several company-owned offices and a co-counsel network of attorneys that is expanding across the entire country.

For our affiliated law firms, Kahn & Associates is focused on building business partnerships where we share risk and reap the rewards of mutual success. For our clients, our mission is to provide access to affordable, superior-quality representation and service, no matter what type of case. 

As market forces change and new opportunities emerge, our focus on educating individuals about their rights under the law positions us to be able to successfully pair individuals with quality legal services to solve their everyday problems for years to come.

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6200 Rockside Woods Blvd
Suite 215
Independence, Ohio 44131
Phone: 216-621-6101

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