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Lemon Law - Small Companies
& Organizations

April 1, 2009

Lemon Laws - Small Organizations

Educating consumers on the lemon law is an important initiative at Kahn & Associates, L.L.C. A car is a major investment for your family, and an improperly functioning vehicle can cause financial hardships for any household. With that said, small businesses and organizations also feel the wrath of poorly built vehicles. School districts, landscapers, flower shops, churchs, and many other small businesses should be aware that they too have protection under lemon laws.

The lemon law differs from state to state, but generally includes SUVs, vans, trucks, school busses, and boats, as well as cars. In addition to state lemon laws, there is also a federal lemon law. So if you've been told that you do not have a claim under your state's lemon law, you may have a claim under the federal lemon law.

Defects that include the engine, brakes, transmission, steering, vibrations, smells, and many more qualify under most lemon laws. So, the next time you're in a meeting at the small business you own, work for, or even volunteer for (School Districts), make sure your team knows about the protection afforded under the lemon law!

If the unfortunate situation should arise that you are stuck driving a Lemon, don’t go it alone. With thousands of successful Lemon cases handled to date, Kahn & Associates experienced lemon law attorneys can accurately assess your case and give you the satisfaction you deserve.

You may be entitled to your money back or to a new vehicle, and we are here to assist you.  Call us at 1-888-536-6671 or go online for a Free Case Review.


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