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How The Claim Process Works

At Kahn & Associates, L.L.C., we understand that this can be a stressful time for you. That is why we want to do everything possible to make this a rewarding process.

Please Note: Below is an example of how a claim process may work.  However, we believe it’s important to handle each case individually, and therefore, your case may not follow this same process. 

Step 1- Research

The attorney and/or their staff gather any missing documentation to ensure we have the best evidence to support the maximum recovery for your claim. We also research information in our subscription database of vehicle technical service bulletins, campaigns, and recalls.

Step 2 - Negotiations

Typically, we seek to resolve the matter directly with the Defendant(s). This usually proves to be the quickest method of settlement. In some situations, the law requires our Firm to wait approximately 40 days before we can file suit and/or give the Defendant(s) a final opportunity to repair, so the Defendant(s) is afforded a fair opportunity to resolve your case. We will counsel you if the Defendant(s) proposes an offer of settlement. You will decide whether to accept or reject the offer.

Step 3 - Trial (Only If Necessary)

If no settlement is reached, we will then file a Complaint in a Court of law, if you wish. Throughout this process we will be simultaneously trying to engage the Defendant(s) in settlement negotiations and preparing for a possible, but unlikely trial; however, mounting costs and other factors will put pressure on the Defendant(s) to settle prior to that time. You will be advised well in advance of any Court dates; however, our past experience dictates that these cases usually do not go to trial.

A Final Note...

To help us achieve a satisfactory outcome for you, please do not contact the manufacturer and refer any unauthorized calls to your attorney before answering any questions. It is important that only one person speak to the manufacturer. This will ensure you are utilizing our experience and skills and not damaging your case by saying anything that conflicts with or weakens what we are saying.

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