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Why You Should Get a Lawyer...


You may be thinking that you can just resolve this yourself. However, there are three (3) critical reasons why you should never try to handle a lemon law case on your own. Here's why:

Reason #1 - Lemon Law Claims are complicated and you will waste much of your time and create unnecessary headaches for yourself.

Trying to research your rights and write threatening letters will usually cause you more frustration than it's worth. Further, if you fail on your own, you will have wasted precious time if you then have to hire an attorney. Or worse, what if you accept an offer and sign a release which you will regret later. Some consumers have signed releases only to have the problem occur again and to find out they cannot bring a lawsuit!

Reason #2 - Consumers have virtually no negotiating power.  They can’t cause the economic pain and publicity that a lawsuit can for the Manufacturer.

The mere fact that you know what the Lemon Law says does not mean that you will be treated with respect. The car companies still play games, much like insurance companies. If you represent yourself, we find that because it costs a manufacturer less to drag it out with an unrepresented consumer and hope you will either go away or take little or nothing, than it would cost them to buy back everyone's vehicle who made a complaint, they usually do little or nothing. It also costs the manufacturer money just to defend a lawsuit (starting from the moment you file the Complaint) as they have to send it to a qualified local law firm to defend it. And we all know that cost will get any company's attention.

Reason #3 - Consumers Get Less Money!

Based on our experience, attorney negotiated settlements are substantially higher than one's negotiated by consumer's alone. Chances are your recovery will be worth substantially less if you represent yourself. Some consumers have been known to accept a month's payment, when they are really entitled to all their money back! By being represented by the right law firm you lend legitimacy to your case. If you select a law office that has substantial lemon law experience, the manufacturer will already know your law firm. If your law firm has successfully handled multiple lemon law claims, the manufacturer will have more respect for you and your case because you have someone on your side who they know knows what they are doing and can win!

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