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Success Stories

This company did a “Great” job in resolving the issues. Thank you! I was very pleased with how you got involved and handled it. Everyone who I spoke to did a fantastic job to help me. I would contact them again if i needed to.Newman, Linda - Jackson, Ohio 4/18/19


The staff at Kahn & Associates were professional and always returned my calls and answered my questions.Landores, Allen - Courtland, Ohio 2/20/19


You did a great job! You made me feel important which was also nice.Paul, Peggy - Delta, Ohio 2/17/19


Great job, no problems with your service very professional job! Everyone was great and easy to work with! I will recommend your services to everyone!Kuhn, Doug - Bucyrus, Ohio 11/30/18


Bo did a great job!! Would highly recommend!!Reading, R. - Bay Villiage, Ohio 11/15/18


I was expecting a long drawn out legal process, but it was resolved quicker than I anticipated. Morgan, Clayton - Dayton, Ohio 9/19/18


I was pleasantly surprised that I received more money than my car repairs cost!Cook, Lewis - Perry, Ohio 8/17/18


My biggest fear was being hit with out of pocket serious legal fees but that absolutely didn’t happen. My new car was sold to me with a defective transmission. On my own I couldn’t have done much about it but your firm got me a settlement that helped me and my family greatly! Everyone I spoke to was pleasant and helpful. Legal matters are intimidating but your team explained everything clearly and I always felt well-informed and included in the process.Perry, Sarah - Ypsilanti, Michigan 8/2/18


My attorney was wonderful! Easy to talk to end get in touch with which made the whole process super easy!Wright, Cindy - Salesville, Ohio 5/24/18


I was pleasantly surprised with the patience, professionalism, and thoroughness of your company to communicate every step of the process. It was all hands-off for me as you guided me through the process.Norvell, Faye - Beavercreek, Ohio 5/14/18


My biggest fear was that it would take years to get a settlement, but it only took a few months from start to finish.Peach, Roberta - Portsmith, Ohio 5/2/18


This was my first involvement in filing a suit...I had no idea what to expect, and your entire team did a great job directing, keeping us informed. Your firm really demonstrated that you truly cared! Hoping we never need your services again, but it’s reassuring to know you’re there should a need arise.Heffner, Brentt - Edwardsburg, Michigan 4/26/18


You truly care about your client’s concerns.Yes, I would recommend your firm.McLaury, Joann - Jackson, Michigan 4/23/18


All the people who worked on my issue were pros.We absolutely recommend Kahn & Associates to friends, family & co-workers because Kahn & Associates get results.Scott, Howard - Canfield, Ohio 4/18/18


I hope I never get a lemon vehicle again, but if I do I will call you!Sprouse, Tamara - Zainesville, Ohio 4/16/18


Pleasantly surprised with the settlement amount I received the lawyer recommending I hold out for more initial amount was offered. I already have recommended to a friend, easy to work with and very professional painless process!Gapinski, Robert - Mason, Ohio 4/4/18


I was concerned that going with the law firm instead of the class action suit would be eaten up by legal fees and I would end up with no more or less of a settlement. I was wrong.I was concerned about legal paperwork, but you made it much easier via internet/phone calls. The settlement helped me recover money lost because of unclear working in my purchase agreement & warranty. I have no disappointments. Your paralegal people and attorneys were very helpful. Your settlement was given to me in a timely and in the time frame you promised. You kept your promises and, I would recommend you to other people.Onyak, Robert - Amherst, Ohio 4/2/18


Very fast service – prompt answers to emails – courteous – fought for me – very pleased with your work! Plan to use you again in future.Lancey, Stan - Courtland, Ohio 4/2/18


I was stuck in a situation where I had no one to turn, until I contacted Kahn & Associates. Everyone at Kahn Associates was very pleasant,and they constantly kept me informed from the beginning until the end. What makes me want to business with Kahn & Associates again is the experience that I had which was professional, understanding, and knowledgeable.Malone, Terri - Detroit, Michigan 3/15/18


You helped me finish paying the car off and get a new one.I am really happy to reach a settlement without having to travel or go to court. Everyone I had contact with was of quite nice. It was great that I never even had to come meet with you as all correspondence was either phone or email.Scott, Lisa - Delta, Ohio 3/2718


Pleased with the outcome. Everyone was nice to deal with. You kept me informed and got the job done.Colangelo, Diane – Sheffield Lake, Ohio 2/26/18


You were very easy to work with – Great communication great team work – fast response to my questions… You appeared to be concerned about problems. Fast communication – answer questions clearly.Denune, Jeffrey – Galloway, Ohio 2/16/18


The people was friendly and help a lot of question I had no disappointment You guys did a good job if I need your business I would call again. Yes I would recommend your business. Your business the people are friendly and very helpful.Johnson, Maxine – Howard, Ohio 2/9/18


I didn't want to be a part if a law suit. I received letters from your company yrs. ago – starting in 2014. Wish that I had contacted your firm sooner. People were all kind. Quinsenberry, Michelle – Medina, Ohio 2/7/18


I was concerned at first because my wife and myself did not have much contact with lawyers. The problem was solved.Your people were very professional and very helpful and very understating. Any problem we would get we would call you.Kovach, Louis – Parma, Ohio 2/7/18


My biggest fear was the unknown. I give you and Bo 5-stars. Your firm guided me through litigation – "Bo" was hands – on. You were upfront and honest your firm did everything it said it would. Your firm takes control. I was fortunate to be in contact with your firm.Gaietto, Stephen B. – Tiffin, Ohio 2/7/18


I figured it was going to cost me a large sum of money. I asked this question initially and they explained process. The transmission would go out and the cost of repair would rest on me. Having the opportunity to work with you made the process easier. Each person I spoke with showed professionalism and always answered any question I had. Didn't have to worry how things were going. Was kept informed. Your firm is people-oriented. You never have to worry once you have put everything in their hands. Would highly recommend this firm to others.Lambert, Cheryl – Sidney, Ohio 2/5/18


At first I was worried that you were not a real law firm getting money from Ford Motor Company and had doubts that you could collect I think you got me a good settlement. Bo Jeffries came through, awesome There was open, honest, candid conversations You are the real deal and that you will fight for your clients!Hagerty, Edward R. – Dayton Ohio 2/2/18


I knew the car had a lot of issues and the dealership treated me like I was stupid. GM treated me like I did not matter. The car used antifreeze for no reason, also it has had 2 serpentine belts, sensor, belt tensioner, changed, water pump. I now have the money to make repairs to the car or almost pay it off. I was amazed at how fast everything happened. I was kept well informed. And how you were able to get more for me than GM offered. Yes I would recommend the firm you took my concerns seriously and told me what I had to do.Barker, Melanie A. – East Liverpool, Ohio 2/2/18


At first, I thought I was just receiving "just" mail – after money problems with my cruise I decided what can it hurt to call I thought maybe it would be a scam, turns out you are great! Chevy did not want to admit my car should have been included in the recall. turns out it should of. I am grateful for you handling everything. The biggest surprise was the amount of time it was handled only about three months from beginning to end. No disappointment here! Everything was nice and patient with me, no disrespect or pushy people. Your firm is not a scam – you do what you say.Quick, Mary – Lake Odessa, Michigan 1/29/18


You are legitimate and committed.Lucas, Tom – Manistique, Michigan 1/29/18


My car did not shift smoothly. I would recommend your service to my friends. You kept me informed.Mayer, Paul – Birch Run, Michigan 1/18/18


I was concerned that it was a scam! Then I researched your firm and found you to be legitimate. You helped me with a "Lemon Law" claim on my Ford Fiesta. Receiving compensation helped soften all the inconvenience I went through with the case. The communication was good. I was a little frustrated after reading paperwork I signed that the check would are as late as 30 days… in fact it came in over 2 months. Very efficient and I always got to talk to someone right away whenever I had a question. Absolutely! Very down to earth firm – makes you feel comfortable. Good, Sandra – Fremont, Ohio 1/19/18


Thank you for your assistance. Your letter came almost within the day I had enough of the problem. Right time right place. Nice job. Thank you.Winnie, Todd F. – Commerce Twp., Michigan 4/2/13


My biggest fear was the thought of dealing with any lawyer. But I found out that it was the best thing I could have done! I made at least 10 trips to the dealer in an attempt to fix the transmission. Your service made a 100% improvement. I had no disappointments with any of your staff. Your service was professional and vary polite and solved my problems completely. Will recommend your firm to everyone and will not hesitate to use you again! People should realize how good you are!! Walriven, Tim – Ohio 7/11/17


I did not get anywhere with Ford on this matter, until your involvement, you got results, where I could not. I am 100% satisfied. I will recommend you to any one with a similar problem. You did this at no cost to me. Walker, Scott C. – Parma, Ohio 8/19/16


We had no fears – the reviews we read about your firm made us feel confident in your business/services. We fought with Ford for 2 years but they insisted there was nothing wrong with our car, then we basically got satisfaction with the help of your firm. Everyone was very attentive and we always received quick responses via email. No disappointments. We didn't have to do anything you took care of it all once we got you the necessary paperwork. it was basically hassle free. Most importantly you committed to helping us and followed through in a timely, positive manner. Victoria was great to work with! Unsworth, Natalie – North Canton, Ohio 7/7/16


Polite. Quiet and to the point, explained everything in terms it could understand. Honestly easy to deal with.Thornbury, Jimmie – Richmond, Indiana 2/17/14


Your Secretaries (I can't recall names) were polite, patient and very responsive. Thank you so much! I merely appreciated your help.Thompson, Delois – Park, Michigan 8/3/13


The service and staff were easy to work with. If we have any other problems, we will use your service again.Shuerger, John - Avon, Ohio 02/06/16


My biggest fear was that you may be scam, but several phone conversations with various staff & internet info created a comfort level. I own a jeep Chevrolet that spent most of my time in repair shop – dealer. The settlement enables me to get a new vehicle that will hopefully be more dependable. Everyone was very friendly, efficient & helpful. I appreciated your prompt answers & returned calls & emails. I would recommend you to friends, families and co-workers. People should know about your expertise with lemon laws & defective vehicle issues.Seeburger, Diane - Sylvania, Ohio 03/23/16


I feared that I would owe $ if I didn't win. My 2011 Focus had brake problems from day 1 when new. But not believed by dealer! The $ helped a lot! I used it to get another car after they fixed it… Your people responded quickly & courteously when I called. Everyone was very helpful and made thing easy for me. Everyone acted as if they actually cared! I would recommend you to others.Robinson, Kim – Kent, Ohio 1/17/14


My biggest fear was not knowing what was going to happen. Then not knowing what the process would be like and that I could not stop the process once I started it. I was pleasantly surprised about how quick, smooth and painless the process. I also did not realize the entire process could take place via email and mail. I liked that each time I had a question each staff was quick to respond promptly and accurately to my questions. Yes, I would recommend Kahn & Assoc. Then get the job done.! I like that Steve keep me informed throughout the claim process.Ramirez, Eleonor M. – North Olmsted, Ohio 9/3/16


Everyone was friendly and called back when needed.Pieh, Judith – Orwell, Ohio 6/26/16


At first I feared that it was I waste of time to try to prove something was wrong with my car. But, I was very surprised how you all kept me informed to what was happening. No, disappointment at all. I liked how you treated me as an important person, like nobody, else mattered trust me, so I will do business with you anytime. Gates, Beulah – Cleveland, Ohio 6/26/16


I initially feared hiring a law firm that we had no face to face contact with. We put our faith in your hands hoping that you were not a scam. We had a serious issue with ford focus shutter and you helped by getting us 40% of our purchase refunded back to us. You allowed my wife to purchase a new car that she is very happy with. I felt very comfortable with your staff. Very knowledgeable and very quick to get back with us on any info that is required. Your firm was awesome. We liked our entire experience from the 1st to last…your upfront and honest. Absolutely 100% will be posting on facebook. Your 100% authentic!!! Keep up your great work.Nelson, Michael – Beaverton, Oregon 6/23/17


Talked to your secretary several times very pleasant girl! I'd give her a raise!!!Myers, Lavon – Cairo, Ohio 02/06/16


I was surprised not disappointed. The expertise was surprisingly different. Everyone was courteous and helpful and patient. If a problem should arise I would not hesitate to use your firm and / or refer your email to anyone.Moultrie, Leonard – Detroit, Michigan 10/22/15


Thank you for all your help by helping me to receive some money taken some pain and frustration. I was pleasantly surprised your firm was able to help me out. You were very helpful calling me and letting me know what going on with the case. I would recommend my friend and family.Minter, Teresa – Garfield Heights, Ohio 2/14/15


Having a little compensation with the aggravation made it a little better. The experience was no hassle, people were great to work with. No disappointment. You made it happen! I will recommend your services you made the process easy. I certainly would recommend you to friends, family, and co-workers.Martin, Jennifer – Elyria, Ohio 6/5/17


My biggest concern was that there was no out of pocket cost required from me. After numerous calls to Ford customer service and the dealership from where vehicle was purchased no avail, your firm handled the situation for me. I commented numerous times to my spouse, how attentive and involved the individuals I dealt with at your firm, proved to be. All that was really required from me was completing the necessary paperwork and forwarding to you what was required to state my case. Easy to do business with. my questions would always be answered by your trained staff. I would rate your firm ten (10) stars.Lustik, Liz – Seven Hills, Ohio 03/24/16


I was just uncertain whether the process would produce a positive outcome. Your paralegals and attorneys were very interactive and professional throughout the process. I was surprised how lengthy a process it was, but it was well worth it. I'm very pleased by the outcome. I appreciated the responsiveness to my concerns. You're honest and you get results.Licht, Alan – Pepper Pike, Ohio 7/2/16


At first I was skeptical you would be able to do anything about the engine problem I have. The funds I received will either help covering an extended warranty or be used to help purchase another vehicle. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I was happy to get some compensation out of this. I would not hesitate to recommend Kahn to other people.Landis, Robert – Beachwood, Ohio 10/31/15


My biggest fear was finding out if I was eligible because I have used car. Bo did a great job helping me overcome that. I dealt with a lemon car and the settlement has helped me a ton. Bo was absolutely outstanding, I've never had an attorney respond so in such a timely manner before. Within minutes I would hear back from him, absolutely outstanding! I would recommend you to my friends and family. I think one that's is people should know the lemon law doesn't have to be painful!Krafcik, Peter – Parma, Ohio 6/30/17


Vicky was helpful through the process. You did follow through with everything you said you would do. I would recommend your firm to others.Kilian, Anton – Emmett, Michigan 12/8/12


Wasn't sure what to expect, heard stories of lemon law being a terrible battle, but you held our hand & made it a positive experience. Can't believe it was so easy as it was… Always answered our questions and never acted like we were an inconvenience.Jones, Mary E. 4/13/16


Glad there is someone who cares.Heverly, Lori A. – Toledo, Ohio 1/33/14


When I received the form letter, I thought it was a scam, but after talking with your offices you gained my confidence. They compensated me for all the hassles time spent getting my car repaired. Everyone very pleasant to work with, surprised how fast a settlement was handled. Sweet staff. The process was explained thoroughly, all my phone calls were returned in a timely manner. I have already referred Kahn & Associates to friends & family. I had positive experience with your staff. Hernandez - Mendoza, Susan -- Northwood, Ohio 2/15/15


You were able to prove the car company wrong. I am very satisfied. You were all great.Fithen, Frank & Terri -- Mingo Junction, Ohio 2/14/15


Great service! You guys nailed it! I was pleased with my interaction with your office and the speed you got it settled. Great Job! On my personal experience. Evans, William – Davisburg, Michigan 5/6/17


I thought it would be a long, drawn out process and nothing would ever come of it. But, everything went quick, smooth and with very little effort on my part. It gave me confidence to fight for what is right. I didn't have to do much work or provide a huge amount of documentation which would have led to much hassle. Hassle free! You deliver on your promise to help represent those who need it. Dehart, Jennifer – Bradford, Ohio 3/3/16


I thought it was a scam until I googled the company and read the testimonials. You were informative about what to expect from your company as my representative.Davis,Tia - Columbus, Ohio 5/26/17


I was worried that the car company would not reimbursement me. You were able to get me a significant amount of money for my troubles. I am now able to pay doing my car loan with the money I received. I was so pleased with Bo; He is fabulous. He kept me informed along every step of the law suit. He is very personable and sympathetic. I really enjoyed working with him. He gets an A+ in my book. I would definitely recommend your agency to others.Davis, Alexsandra – Wooster, Ohio 7/31/17


You trusted my case. Thank you! You saved time for me. Melissa is a wonderful person, very professional. I liked your professionalism. Not too many people know about you, and the great job you are doing is helping people. Craciunescu, Cori -- Wyoming, Michigan 12/17/13


I was very satisfied with the outcome. Your services helped me get a new car. Thank you. Victoria and Dan were so very understanding and easy to talk to. Made me feel very confident I made the right choice. No disappointments at all. Very smooth and fast transaction. I would most definitely do business with this firm again because it felt like family. Of course I would recommend you. You're honest and willing to help. I would like to say thank you for all hard work and for making me happy.Campana, Sara -- Geneva, Ohio 3/5/13


I was pleasantly surprised that you get this resolved in a timely matter. That you went after the car company and that they did something about it. I liked that you got the paperwork out when you said you would and your people were nice to me.Barton, Victoria J. - Cambridge, Ohio 6/5/17


My biggest fear was lawyers. My truck was a lemon. You got good results. I will recommend you to others.Varnes, Donald -- Bellevue, Ohio 10/22/11


I thought I was going to be stuck in this car and keep having trouble with it. Thank you so much to everyone. I thought I didn't anywhere to turn to. One phone call to Kahn and Associates and my problems were solved. My life is easier knowing that I can get into another car and be able to get back and forth to work. I was surprised at how easy it was. Everyone I spoke to was nice and helpful. It was remarkable how quickly Mrs. Victoria, Mr. Dan and Mr. Justin got to work on my case and solved this matter for me. I liked everything about working with this firm and will call again in a heartbeat. Everyone is so friendly and they get their job done in a timely manner. I have been spreading the word about your firm. People need to know how well this firm handles any case they get and they understand what you are going through.Turner, Karen -- Youngstown, Ohio 04/03/12


I didn't know if you were familiar with Michigan Laws when I first contacted you. You do. I had a new truck with transmission problems. The truck is the same but I received compensation for the hassles. You are very knowledgeable of laws.Shaffer, Jon -- Lansing, Michigan 5/11/2012


I did not want to go to court. I had continuous problems and expenses with my vehicle and could not resolve the problems. Your service allowed me to trade it in and get rid of the incoming negative equity. I was surprised how easily and quickly your firm resolved the issue, got us a fair settlement to cover our expenses and put us into a new vehicle. I liked the fact we could everything over phone and email without having to make office visits. I will recommend you to family and friends. People need to know there is hope and that you aren't stuck with your car when it seems that the dealership can't help.Schill, Richae -- Sheffield Village, Ohio 03/19/12


I had a lemon law issue, no change the car is still a lemon. The experience was what I expected. It did take some time to resolve the settlement. If I have another problem with another vehicle I will use your firm again. You did what you said you would. It's important for people to know you have multi-state experience.Pelt , James -- Madison Heights, Michigan 08/24/11


I was afraid to pursue legal action to resolve my problem. I purchased a new car that later was determined to have a windshield that was not sealed properly at the factory. Dan was most helpful in evaluation my case objectively and then advising accordingly. I really liked the professionalism and expertise in resolving this case. I certainly would recommend you to friends, family, and co-workers.Miller, Donna -- Chesterland, Ohio 10/26/11


I felt there was nothing I could do to alleviate my frustration, you accomplished your mission. I feel better now that [the company] knows my disappointment with their product. I feel that [the company] has been given notice. The ease and "no pressure" of your firm offering to take my case and is deeply appreciated. Thank you. I would recommend your services to anyone in my previous position. Your positive attitude was encouraging.Maslach, Henry -- Cleveland, Ohio 10/11/12


[The company] would not respond to my problem, your company did a very professional job in handling this case. Kahn and Associates is very professional, they stayed in contact during the process and kept me up to date. I would be happy to do business with this firm again. I would recommend you to everyone; so easy to work with! Thanks very much for the great service. I'm keeping your information in case it's ever needed again.Ellis, Paul -- Anna, Ohio 09/25/12


I was worried that [the company] would not see there was a problem with my vehicle. But after receiving the supplement, I felt they acknowledged the issue in some small way. Your office helped me with my defective vehicle by getting compensation for the trouble and inconvenience I went through. I am very satisfied with your services and overall great experience. Your firm got very fast results! I would recommend your office to friends and family, especially that you work for the best interest of your clients.Elder, Amber -- Rising Sun, Indiana 7/23/2012


I wanted the manufacturer to meet the obligation of the warranty for the new car or replace the vehicle. Your service got the necessary repairs completed. Your firm was quick to respond. Vicki and Daniel are very good! No disappointments. You made me feel comfortable and that you cared about me. You got the job done. I would recommend you to my friends, family and co-workers. You have credibility, loyalty, accountability and knowledge. I will definitely use you again as needed.Clark, Gilbert -- Brecksville, Ohio 10/25/11


I was afraid that I would receive poor, half-hearted service. Your firm definitely put that fear to rest! I was dealing with recurring body rust on a new car. Thank you for your work and the money you recovered for me. What I appreciated and liked the most was your considerate, timely, intelligent communication with me via email. You emailed throughout the process keeping my updated on the development and resolution of my claim. I would recommend you to my friends, family and co-workers if they ever need your services. I keep your card handy.Celestino, Jim -- Cleveland, Ohio - 10/26/11


My biggest fear before hiring Kahn and Associates was this was a scam. It is not. We had a 2008 lemon [vehicle]. The service the firm was great, but the car is still a lemon. The people at the firm were more than helpful and very pleasant.Beaudre, Darla K. - Garden, Michigan 11/3/2011


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* Cases are provided as examples as reported in the news and are not necessarily handled by Kahn & Associates, L.L.C. or intended to create any expectation of future results.

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