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My Rights - Used Cars

If you purchased a used car there are two situations in which you may be qualified for cash or other type of compensation:

Situation #1: You may be entitled to compensation for breach of warranty if you had one of the following Warranties:

Any warranty left from the manufacturer when you purchased your vehicle (for example, almost all vehicles sold with less than 36,000 miles will have this. But if the warranty is longer, you may have even more time).


Your vehicle was "Certified" by the Manufacturer (in which case it came with a short Manufacturer's Warranty, typically 1 year).


You purchased an Extended Warranty backed by the Manufacturer (typically 5 years or longer).

Normally, these types of cases fall outside the scope of the state lemon law but are covered under special federal lemon law laws.

Situation #2: When No Manufacturer's Warranty Exists

If you do not have a manufacturer's warranty of any kind you may be entitled to compensation for violations of consumer protection laws that fall outside of the "Lemon Laws". The following is a list of some of the problems and/or issues which may be present in your vehicle. Your vehicle may be/have a:

  1. Laundered lemon (or prior history of mechanical problems known to the seller);
  2. Previously salvaged or wrecked;
  3. Fraudulently rolled back odometer;
  4. Rental car, police car, taxi, etc.;
  5. Stolen, stripped and rebuilt; and/or
  6. Involved in a flood.

What You Should Do If To Find Out You Were Sold A Misrepresented or Compromised Vehicle?

One or more of the following procedures may prove to be useful in discovering whether there is something about your vehicle that you were not told:

  1. Call 1-888-4-Car Fax or go to
  2. Do a Title Search.
  3. See a body shop mechanic to determine if your vehicle was wrecked;
  4. Have your Insurance Company run your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on their computer (may be called a C.L.U.E. report) to see if an accident claim was ever made with another insurance company; and/or
  5. Go to an authorized dealer and have them check the computer to see if it was wrecked or to let you know what the mileage was every time the vehicle was in for repair.

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